• I am SO proud of this amazing lady – Debbie Ceresa!! She IS the “… strong, confident, powerful, energized, centered, and empowered.” woman who bravely stepped into the gym years ago and inquired about training with me. Since then, she has consistently worked very hard and it blesses me to see her continually morph into a younger, smarter, healthier, more beautiful lady.

    Her story makes her even more amazing! It’s a story that she again, worked very hard to write and get published into her book, “A Beautiful View”. I don’t know how she does it, but her writing is addictive to read.

    Thank you Deb for everything you do and who you are!!

  • I felt like I was sitting in the restaurant with her sharing Greek saganaki and beside her in the hospital hearing the weight of his words. Through every chapter and page, Debbie vividly brought us into the intimate and poignant parts of her life with stunning grace. By sharing these experiences and the way she persevered she not only inspires others through difficult times but teaches us all how to look at life as a beautiful view.

    Fran Nelson
  • A heartfelt exploration into love, loss, and inner strength. Follow her personal journey of family, faith, and resilience.

    Bill & Molly Iovino
  • I’ve had the privilege of Debbie reading the first few chapters to my book club. Her story of love and family is both witty and heartwarming, capturing the reader from the very beginning.

    Kris Oltmanns
  • Debbie’s reading pulled me in, promising more to come. I did not want her to stop, and I know when I begin reading A Beautiful View I won’t be able to put the book down!

    Kathy McGovern
  • I was intrigued by how Debbie would tell her story. After listening to her read, I was immediately engrossed. Her ability to describe a situation is relatable and thorough. I was able to visualize her standing at the restaurant, watching her adult children interact. I was reminded of the times I have had the same experience. The passion of her writing brought tears to my eyes. I truly felt as if I was walking beside her. I look forward to reading her memoir in its entirety.

    Lois Patnode
  • Attending Debbie’s reading was a heartwarming experience. I felt like an adult listening to a bedtime story, like I was watching the book unfold before my eyes.  I couldn’t wait for the next chapter.

    Shelley Hone

The Divorce Support Center recently announced its new partnership with Debbie Ceresa. Ceresa is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® with training in The Grief Recovery Method®.

“I am thrilled about our partnership with Debbie Ceresa,” said Amy Cook, founder of the Divorce Support Center. “She brings a high level of expertise about the process of grief recovery. She connects with divorcing individuals on both personal and professional levels and helps them to move on to happy, healthy lives.”
-Amy Osmond Cook

I need to shop, cook, bake, wrap presents and clean my home for the Christmas festivities but everything around me stopped when I started to read your book. I loved it and I love you. The book is brilliantly written and I admire your writing style.
Congratulations again! I was not part of your first life but I am honored to be your friend and part of your second life.

Fellow book lovers,
Thursday evening might have been our reading experience of a lifetime. How lucky were we to share a beautiful and moving memoir along with its author! A warm thank you to Debbie Ceresa for such a wonderful meeting. Her honesty and insight only enhanced our appreciation of the story told. Not only probing deeper into the story with our honestly-answered questions, we also explored the process of Debbie’s writing and publishing – such new and interesting perspectives in our typical book discussion. Because of its well-defined characters and vivid, emotion-filled scenes we were all left with a feeling of quiet wonder and hope. A Beautiful View received an average score of 4.52.
-Arizona Book Club

Thanks so much for sharing your story. It was beautiful, so well written that I actually felt like I was right there with you and your family…You are definitely a gifted writer and I look forward to your future publications…Life is good and there are many blessings within all of our challenges.
-Love, L & B

Just read Debbie’s book. Found myself quite teary. Rewarding in many ways. Well done.
-John H.

Just finished your book. Wow. I had no idea. You always came to school doing so many positive things for the kids and everyone. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful love and powerful reality of emotions. I’m sure it had to be difficult to write, but healing as well. You did a wonderful job!

I have been wanting to message you since I read your wonderful memoir. It was such a good read and a touching story! Well done! I wish you the best of luck for its success! Sorry I missed the signing I will look for another opportunity! Cheers!

Just read your book. Didn’t realize how much we had in common. Good for you for putting it into words. Well done. 🙂

I enjoyed meeting you at Book Club last night. Until I read your book, I did not know who you were, but after reading it, I felt that I had met a new friend. Thank you for sharing your story with us and I have just become a new fan. Continued success in this part of your journey, and looking forward to your new book.

Hi, Deb! I finished the book on Monday. I loved sharing your journey with Jerry, your kids, and finally the peace you have found with Michael. The depth of your love, courage , and faith came through loud and clear. Your are a great writer! I felt very near as I read and I could identify the monks by their real names! I know the northwestern spots as I have walked them with our Sisters, too. Thanks for writing this!! So proud of you. I am passing the book on to Kate who is interested in reading it, too. Hope you sell lots more!
-Love, MB

I thought the book was great. I have passed it on to my sister. I liked the book and hope you have continued success.

I wanted to personally take a few moments to express how your book moved me….Thank you for giving me the courage to share this with you. By you sharing your personal story, you have eased my pain. God gave you a talent to write and I do believe that you bless others with your talent. If you ever wonder if you touched someone please know you have. I suspect I am not alone.”
-Your Friend

I just finished reading Debbie’s book…It is amazing and great that she found love again…Her kids were amazing in her book. I am glad that I met her when I was in Arizona. After reading her book, it is clear that she is an amazing woman.

I just finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I have to admit I was rooting for Jerry to make it even though I knew the outcome. Your story is one of strength, courage, faith, commitment and finding love all over again. A great message for all to hear, especially for those who have lived through what you experienced.
Can’t wait for book #2!
Best wishes,

Hello Debbie,
I just want to say thank you again for your wonderful presentation at the Tuesday Club yesterday. I was really inspired by your book the first time I read it, but after hearing you speak twice now, I think it is time to re-read it; I know I will appreciate it even more! I was glad to hear that you have become a certified grief counselor and also that you are working on another book. I think your kind and caring nature certainly will be an asset in assisting people through a loss, and I’m looking forward to another good read!!
Sincerely yours,

The reason that I am writing is because Thelma told me about your book. I was interested because I had met Jerry on several occasions. Jerry was two years older than me, but we knew some of the same people. One of my closest friends knew Jerry and had a great deal of respect for him.

I got your book and saved it for a trip that my wife and I were planning to celebrate our 37th Anniversary. I started the book on the plan and finished it in just a few days. I gave it to my wife (a nurse who just celebrated her 40th Anniversary at IVCH) and she finished it in just a few days as well.

I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed your book! Your story was deeply personal and I’m sure that it was difficult to find a way to convey your true emotions on the ordeal that you and your family faced. I especially enjoyed your writing style as it pertains to both your emotions and your descriptions of the people that you both interacted with. thought that your character development was exceptional. It gave me a feeling of knowing these people which is more than just a description of what they said or did. I can assure you that, after having read your book, my wife and I fell even more blessed to have had each other for 37 years now. I think that on our anniversary we held each other a little closer and perhaps cuddled a little longer thanks to your book.

I can only encourage you to continue with your writing career. You do have a gift and I think that you could help other people tell their real life stories. I would compare your writing style and abilities to Linda Hillenbrand the author of “Unbroken” and “Seabiscuit.” That brings me to my final point which is, I hope that you are discussing a screen play for a movie based on your book with someone. I think that your story is compelling and would translate well to the big screen. I have even picked the actress to portray your part, Sandra Bullock!

Thank you for your book and may God Bless & Keep You!
-Larry Bianchi

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