My New Year’s Resolutions

New Year Resolutions
Happy New Year! The past several weeks have been a fun-filled adventure of family visits, friend reunions, book signings with my loyal readers, and the honor of attending the celebrations of two weddings. My travels took me to the East Coast, the Midwest and back to the West. I experienced extremely warm weather on the coast, snow, ice and travel delays in Chicago, and the joy of returning to my home in Arizona. Now that I’m home and back at work, I realize I’m really doing what I love, writing.

Of course, I have the typical New Year’s resolutions of going to the gym, dropping a few pounds, and changing my hairstyle (again). However, here’s my meaningful resolutions I’d like to share with you:

Resolution #1: Find and nurture your passion.
I feel extremely lucky to have found a passion at this stage of my life. I have dusted off a half-finished manuscript and vowed to finish my next book this year. I don’t expect to complete this work of fiction over-night, but I do anticipate working on it a little bit each day. Look for what makes you happy and take baby steps to implement your passion into your life.

Resolution #2: Keep the “I love you” in your vocabulary.
My husband, children, grandchildren, brothers, sister, sister-in-laws, and brother-in-law need to know I love and cherish having them in my life. I’m making a continued effort to say, “I love you” when I have the opportunity to do so, whether on the phone, Skype or in person. Those three little words go a long way in maintaining my relationships with them. I’d encourage you to try putting those three words in your conversations with your loved ones.

Resolution #3: Respect the ones you love.
You might wonder what this means, but you know respect when you feel it. It’s an inner sense we all have. If you like to be admired and held in high esteem, know that your spouse, family, and friends are looking for that same feeling. Recognize the strengths and weaknesses in those close to you, encourage rather than belittle.

Resolution #4: Forgive and feel better.
This is a tough one, especially if you were the one who feels harmed and heartbroken. Why forgive? Forgiveness doesn’t mean you excuse the hurtful behavior, but it does mean you can let go and move forward.
Here’s the benefit: you feel better. Your ability to forgive will give you a sense of empowerment and the ability to take charge of your own happiness. Holding onto those disappointments, arguments and hours of anguish is a waste of your time and energy. Keep yourself healthy and forgive.

Wishing you a year filled with finding your passion, keeping the love in your life, adding respect, encouragement, and forgiveness to your relationships!