To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter


– Euripides

Father’s Day is a day to pay tribute to our fathers, however for many of us our dads are no longer living. My father died sixteen years ago, but in the top drawer of my nightstand I continue to keep a card from him.

The card is an ordinary greeting card but what makes it special is the handwritten message on a folded piece of legal paper.

Dad was notorious for his little handwritten notes. Before his retirement, my father would write a message to my mom or to one of his children before he left for work in the morning. His cards to me, whether for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion always held some sort of written message.

My father was quite creative with this particular greeting. He had taken the alphabet and used a word beginning with each letter to describe me. Looking at the twenty-six words he used might seem funny to some, but to me each one has a special meaning.

Not only did he talk about my children and husband, he even remembered watching the Zorro television show with me when I was a little girl.

Dad talked about what was important to both of us:

Pride in his daughter
I treasure this card and note not only because it continues to remind me of my father’s love for me, but also the need to express our love for each other. My dad wasn’t afraid to tell us he loved us or was proud of our accomplishments. Although my father isn’t here to celebrate Father’s Day, his love of family remains.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!